July 30, 2009

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers - they helped tremendously because yesterday's grafting surgery went quite well!! They took him down for surgery around 3:30pm and he returned around 7:30pm. We were able to visit with him after he was settled in his room. He opened his eyes in response to voices again.

The donor skin on his upper right arm was replaced by his own. His right hand was re-grafted with his own skin because it didn't adhere the first time. He received donor skin on his chest.

He also received a tracheotomy to replace the intubation tube in his mouth. He remains on a respirator through the tracheotomy, which continues to breathe for him. He also has a feeding tube in his nose and another in his mouth for suction.

His face is no longer wrapped in gauze. It's wonderful to see him! He looks as if he received a really bad sunburn - all pink. He's a little swollen in his face and neck due to surgery.

Today, ALL his vitals are GOOD. He continues to respond to voices by opening his eyes. Things are finally looking up - yeah!


  1. Dear Bill, Dawn and family,

    We are so happy that things are looking up.
    We have had Bill in our prayers since we found
    out and will continue to do so. Keep up your
    strength-you are his.

    Terry and Barb Barber

  2. Though I have not had the opportunity to meet you, I have had the pleasure (and it was a true pleasure) to know Nancy. Be assured that I believe in the power of prayer and many prayers are being said for your recovery.
    Give my love to Nancy

  3. Bill, Dawn and family ...

    We have been anxiously waiting for todays update ... wonderful news ... and does that mean NO grafting for the face??? Keep fighting big guy we know you have it in you ... We hope this good news allows the family to sleep a little easier.

    Bill and Lisa

  4. This has turned out to be something that none of us could have fathomed. The roller coaster ride Bill is going through is so full of questions and not many answers. It's so great to finally see some positive results. Give thanks to the doctors and know that HE is also laying HIS hands on Bill.
    Keep praying, hard!


  5. Prayers are the answer and it helps every time he opens his eyes to have such a loving family to spur him on.Let him know we are sending love,hugs and prayers every day.
    Lynn and Andy

  6. My God, I am so happy that things are looking up I wish I could be there even if to hold a hand or get a cup of tea for you. My prayers continue each day.

    Annie (LaVallee

  7. Yay! We're so happy to hear the good news about Bill. To have him open his eyes and respond to your voice is huge! You all must be thrilled. We continue to pray for Bill and all of you as you patiently wait for his recovery.
    All our love, The O'Dea's

  8. Dear Dawn, Nancy, Kerry and Jimmy

    Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful news! Whenever Bill is able to understand, please tell him he has people praying for him all over the world - that is how great he is and how badly we want to see him fully recovered!

    Love you all,

    Paulo, Claudia, Joao and Miguel
    (Hogs #2, #3 and #4)

  9. Wonderful new's , our pray's are helping , what great new's , We love you guy's, Cilla & Tony

  10. Aunt Susie and Family,
    We've been following the updates on this site as well as through converstations with Dad. We were so glad to read the news today of Uncle Bill's successful surgery. You are in our thoughts every day and are looking forward to more positive news!
    Lots of Love,
    Tracy, Virgil and Eva

  11. We too, are happy about the news of today. Tell Bill that John is with him in spirit every day and pulling hard for him. Mary Ann & John

  12. My name is Diane Davis and I am from Stafford Springs,Ct.I know your son Jim from my work.He has told me about his dad and I am sending my heartfelt prayers to him today.If Bill is anything like his son,he is a wonderful man.I wish your family all the best from my heart.I do not know anything about the rest of your family Bill but I do know your son loves you endlessly. May God bless you and your family!

  13. Barbara Adams & Family (Barbara De Soiza-Adams)July 31, 2009 at 8:58 AM

    Thank God!!!!!!!
    Great news! So glad to hear he is responding to the grafting and breathing app. He's a strong man and now he is on the road to recovery---it's a long road but he can do it, with all his family and friends behind him. Soooooo glad to hear some good news. Dawn, Jimmy, Nancy, and Kerri make sure you yourselves get rest too----he's going to need you and you need your rest too. You all are in my thoughts and prayers!! Love you...
    Barbara & John and of course ethan Adam

  14. Dawn & Bill,
    We have no words that can express our love and hope for you both. God be with you, Pat & Joe